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Our Story

Our History

As homeowners ourselves, our company was founded out of the desire to help people. Cost Guides hasn’t always been called “Cost Guide”. Before, we had it under it’s parent company, Contractor Appointments. Contractor Appointments was created by our founders as a platform to help both the homeowner and the contractor. One brand and one website helped two different types of audiences. We wanted to help homeowners find contractors, contractors find customers and improve the experience for everyone.

A Growing Audience

Over the years we realized that if we really want to help these two different audiences the most with the long-term vision we have for helping each of these audiences, we needed to have two different websites and brands so everything could have the opportunity to grow and have clarity around each vision. So – We moved our homeowner-focused side of the company over to its own website – Cost Guide.

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Our Present

Here’s the part where you come in. Cost Guides is here to help homeowners like yourselves find the best deals on home improvement projects. We want to help connect you with local Pros, cost savings, and access to the best financing for your project(s).

First-hand Experience

Our founders have seen first-hand how frustrating it can be when looking for reliable information on what products to buy, where to get them at the cheapest price, best quality, etc, and how much they should expect to pay in labor costs. They created Cost Guides because they wanted an easier way for consumers like themselves to make informed decisions about their home improvements without having to spend hours researching every detail of each project.

Our Vision

Our founder’s vision for Cost Guide is to make home improvements affordable. To be a one-stop-shop resource for homeowners like yourself, find local Pros, cost savings, and access to the best financing for your project without needing to navigate between tons of web pages, blog articles, and pricing guides. We want to make the process of home improvement Projects as easy as we can for you, and this is how we see that being done. We appreciate you being here, you are now a part of our story and our future

Thank you
Cost Guides Team