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San Diego is one of the sunniest cities in the United States. With so much sunlight available all year round, it makes sense to take advantage of this natural resource. Have you been considering installing solar panels on your home or business in San Diego but are not sure where to start?

Solar energy is becoming increasingly popular in California, and San Diego is no exception. With government incentives, falling costs, and environmental benefits, many homeowners and businesses are switching to solar power.

If you are looking to install solar panels in San Diego, it’s essential to understand all the benefits, costs, and installation process. In this article, we’ll discuss what you need to know about solar panel installation in San Diego.

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Cost To Install Solar Panels

The cost of solar panels in San Diego depends on a few factors, such as the size of the system and the quality of the panels. The average cost of solar panels in San Diego is around $3.00 per watt, which means that a 5kW solar system will cost you around $15,000 before incentives.

However, the actual cost of your solar panel installation may be lower or higher than this, depending on a variety of factors like your home’s energy usage, its location, and the time of year when you install your panels. It’s always a good idea to get quotes from at least three solar panel installation companies to compare costs and choose the one that meets your budget and needs.

What Are The Costs For The Materials?

In addition to the cost of the solar panels themselves, there are also costs associated with the other materials needed for solar panel installation in San Diego. These materials include mounting hardware, wiring, and inverters, among others.

For a typical 5kW solar system, the cost of materials can range from around $3,000 to $5,000, depending on the quality and type of materials used. You’ll want to work with a reputable installation company to ensure that the materials used in your system are high quality and meet California’s strict safety and environmental standards.

Best Residential Solar Panel Brands


SunPower stands out for its high-efficiency solar panels, using Maxeon cell technology, which ensures better energy production and durability. They offer sleek, aesthetically pleasing designs that integrate seamlessly into residential roofs, making them a popular choice among homeowners looking for both performance and aesthetics.

Canadian Solar

Canadian Solar is renowned for its commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices. They offer a wide range of solar panels with high conversion efficiencies, ensuring maximum power output from available sunlight. Their emphasis on product quality and reliability has gained them a strong reputation in the North American solar industry.

Blue Raven Solar

Blue Raven Solar distinguishes itself by providing end-to-end solar solutions that include financing options, hassle-free installation, and long-term system monitoring. They focus on delivering superior customer experiences, making the switch to solar a smooth and enjoyable process for homeowners.

Jinko Solar

Jinko Solar is known for its large-scale manufacturing capabilities, enabling them to produce solar panels at a competitive price without compromising quality. Their photovoltaic modules undergo rigorous testing and quality control processes, ensuring excellent performance and reliability for residential installations.

Trina Solar

Trina Solar has gained recognition for its innovations in photovoltaic technology and dedication to research and development. Their solar panels boast excellent performance in diverse environmental conditions, making them a robust choice for homeowners seeking long-lasting and high-yielding solar systems.

First Solar

First Solar stands out as a leader in thin-film solar technology, providing panels with a lower carbon footprint and exceptional energy yield in hot and humid climates. Their unique approach to solar cell manufacturing and commitment to sustainability have earned them industry recognition and widespread adoption for utility-scale and residential installations.

Trinity Solar

Trinity Solar differentiates itself through comprehensive customer support, including personalized consultations and ongoing assistance with solar panel maintenance. They prioritize educating homeowners about the benefits of solar energy and tailor their products and services to meet individual energy needs effectively.


CertainTeed is renowned for its innovative solar shingles that seamlessly blend into residential roofs, providing a visually appealing alternative to traditional solar panels. Their building-integrated photovoltaic solutions offer homeowners an environmentally conscious and architecturally attractive approach to harnessing solar energy.

solar panel install cost

How Long Will It Take Before You Receive The Materials?

After purchasing solar panels, you need to wait for the materials to arrive before installation. The delivery time varies depending on the manufacturer and the shipping company. It usually takes 2-4 weeks for materials to arrive after purchase. However, some companies offer fast delivery and can ship the materials within a week.

Solar Panel Installation Time

One of the first questions that homeowners often ask is, “How long will it take to install solar panels on my roof?” The time required for installation depends on several factors, such as the size of the system and the complexity of the installation. 

On average, a typical residential solar panel installation can take anywhere from one to three days. This includes the initial assessment, obtaining permits, and the actual installation process. The good news is that once the installation is complete, you can start enjoying the benefits of solar energy right away.

ROI for Installing Solar Panels

Installing solar panels can increase the value of your home, but the amount of value added can depend on a variety of factors, such as the location of your home and the overall real estate market in your area. 

According to a study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, homes with solar panels generally sell for 20% more than comparable homes without solar panels. However, the specific value added can vary depending on your particular circumstances.

Other Factors That Affect The Cost Of Solar Installation

Several factors can affect the cost of a roof replacement, including:

  • Location: The cost of solar panel installation varies depending on the location. Factors like the climate, the angle of the sun, and the local permitting process can all affect the installation cost. For example, if your area requires a lot of permits, the installation cost can be higher.
  • Roof type and condition: Solar panels can be installed on various types of roofs, including asphalt shingles, metal, and tile. However, the cost can vary depending on the condition and age of your roof. In some cases, it may be necessary to replace the roof before installing solar panels.
  • System size: The size of the solar panel system you need will depend on your energy requirements. The larger the system, the higher the installation cost. However, a larger system may be more cost-effective in the long run, as it can generate more energy and reduce your electricity bill.
  • Equipment quality: The quality of the solar panels and other equipment used for the installation can also affect the cost. High-quality equipment will generally be more expensive upfront but may pay off in the long run as it will last longer and generate more energy.
  • Incentives and rebates: Many states, cities, and utility companies offer incentives and rebates for installing solar panels. These can significantly reduce the installation cost and make solar energy more affordable. Be sure to research any available incentives before getting started with your installation.
solar panel install costs


Installing solar panels in San Diego is a smart investment for anyone who wants to reduce their carbon footprint and save money on electricity bills. With San Diego’s abundant sunshine, homeowners can take advantage of this natural resource to power their homes and contribute to a cleaner environment. Solar panels are also a long-term investment that will add value to homes and reduce dependence on traditional energy sources. 

With so many benefits and incentives available, now is the time to consider solar panel installation in San Diego. Contact a reputable solar company today to start reaping the benefits of solar power!

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