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Upgrading Your Home with Simonton Windows: A Complete Guide

Upgrading Your Home with Simonton Windows: A Complete Guide

Ever looked through a window and felt like you’re gazing at an HD screen? That’s the Simonton windows experience. The clarity, the detail – it’s more than just glass.

We all know how crucial windows are to our homes. They let in light, provide ventilation, and if well made, add a touch of elegance too. But not every window is created equal…

Welcome aboard as we embark on a journey exploring Simonton Windows – leaders in their field with years of history under their belt.

In this deep dive into Simonton’s world, you’ll discover what makes these windows stand out from other brands; whether that be their range of styles or superior energy efficiency features.

This isn’t just about looking through another pane of glass but understanding why thousands choose Simonton for comfort and peace of mind at home.

Overview of Simonton Windows

If you’re on the hunt for top-quality windows, chances are you’ve come across Simonton Windows. With a history spanning over 70 years, they’ve built an enviable reputation in the window industry. Let’s explore why this brand is often a homeowner’s first choice.

Born out of family ingenuity during World War II, Simonton started as a small business making aluminum awnings. The company quickly expanded its product line to include energy-efficient vinyl windows and doors that homeowners love today. This journey speaks volumes about their adaptability and commitment to quality.

The beauty of choosing Simonton lies not just in their history but also in the extensive range of products they offer. Whether it’s single-hung or double-hung windows, sliders or casements – there’s something for everyone. They even provide unique geometric shapes like arches and trapezoids for those looking to add more architectural interest to their homes.

Reputation Matters: Awards & Recognition

One way we can measure trustworthiness is by considering awards and recognitions received by brands from trusted bodies within their industries. When it comes to accolades, Simonton doesn’t disappoint either.

In fact, Builder Magazine recognized them nine times as being #1 in Quality among all national window manufacturers based on customer satisfaction surveys. (source)

This sort of recognition provides peace-of-mind knowing that other homeowners have had positive experiences with Simonton windows. But remember, awards aren’t everything – always consider your unique needs and preferences when choosing a window brand.

Understanding Window Types from Simonton

When it comes to window options, Simonton stands out for its variety. This manufacturer knows that each homeowner has unique needs and preferences, so they offer a range of styles.

Casement Windows

The casement windows from Simonton are all about ease of use and air flow. These hinged windows swing open like doors, letting fresh air into your home with just the turn of a handle.

Double Hung Windows

If you’re looking for versatility, consider double hung windows. They allow both the top and bottom sashes to move up or down independently – giving you more control over ventilation.

Patio Doors

Sometimes it’s not enough to have an ordinary door; sometimes you need one with large glass panels that let light flood into your room while still keeping unwanted elements outside. That’s where patio doors come in handy.

Bow & Bay Windows

You’ve seen those gorgeous homes with protruding window structures? Those are bow & bay windows. Besides adding architectural interest, these extend living space within rooms by projecting outwardly beyond exterior walls.

In short: Whether you prefer simplicity or grandeur; whether traditional style appeals more than modern minimalism – there’s likely a Simonton window type perfectly suited for your taste.

Remember this isn’t just about looks though – every choice impacts factors such as natural lighting levels and energy efficiency too.

Upgrading your windows can even increase home value. So, when choosing from Simonton’s range of window types, think about what will best meet your needs now and into the future.

Materials Used in Simonton Windows

Simonton windows stand out because they use premium quality materials that contribute to their durability and energy efficiency.

The primary material used by Simonton for their window frames is vinyl. But this isn’t just any ordinary vinyl; it’s premium, high-quality vinyl. This material gives the windows a robust structure while offering excellent thermal insulation properties.

Vinyl Frames: A Blend of Durability and Efficiency

The beauty of using vinyl lies not only in its sturdiness but also its low maintenance requirements. Vinyl doesn’t warp, crack or rot like wood can do over time – no need for repainting or re-staining. These features make sure your home stays protected from weather elements without much effort on your part.

Apart from strength and low upkeep needs, these frames are engineered to deliver superior thermal performance too. They help maintain indoor temperatures irrespective of how cold or hot it gets outside. The secret behind this? It’s the unique design with multiple chambers within each frame that enhances insulating capabilities.

Glass Quality Matters Too

Simonton doesn’t skimp when it comes to glass either; they use Low-E insulated glass units across all products as standard. This type of glass, made up primarily of two panes separated by an argon gas-filled space – acts like a barrier against heat transfer between indoors and outdoors thus making your home more energy-efficient.

Check out the different glass options that Simonton offers, each designed to cater to unique climatic conditions and energy efficiency needs.

All these elements combined make sure that when you invest in Simonton windows, you’re getting a product crafted from top-tier materials for optimal performance. So not only do they boast an attractive aesthetic, but they also provide top-notch functionality.

Energy Efficiency of Simonton Windows

When it comes to energy efficiency, Simonton windows excel. They’re designed with the latest technology and built to reduce your energy consumption.

Simonton’s innovative designs, coupled with their advanced glass packages, create a strong barrier that keeps heat out during summer and locks warmth in during winter. This translates to less need for HVAC use, thus bringing down your energy costs.

Their vinyl frames are more than just stylish; they also offer superior thermal performance. Unlike metal frames which can be major conduits for heat transfer, vinyl limits this exchange thereby enhancing insulation properties of the window unit.

Energy Star Certification

All Energy Star certified products, including Simonton windows, meet strict criteria set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Not only do these products help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs, but they also provide the same performance or comfort as their non-certified counterparts.

In fact, replacing old single-pane windows with Energy Star-certified ones like those from Simonton can save homeowners up to $465 annually, according to Department of Energy estimates.

AAMA Gold Label Certification

Beyond being recognized by EPA’s Energy Star program, Simonton’s commitment to quality and performance is further underlined by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) Gold Label certification. This label guarantees that the windows have undergone rigorous testing for resistance to water leakage, air pressure changes, and wind.

So not only do Simonton windows help save on energy costs, but they also stand up to harsh weather conditions. That’s like getting a double cheeseburger with extra fries for the price of just the burger.

Installation Process for Simonton Windows

The installation of your new Simonton windows is an important step to make sure they perform as expected. It’s like putting together a complex jigsaw; all the pieces must fit perfectly for the finished product to look just right.

Choosing a Professional Installer

Finding the right professional installer can be compared to finding the perfect dance partner. You want someone who knows their steps, but also understands yours. This ensures that everything goes smoothly and without hitches.

Simonton recommends hiring professionals, because they have been trained on how best to install these specific windows. They know exactly what it takes for each window type and model within their range.

The Installation Process: Step by Step

To understand what happens during installation, let’s use cooking as our analogy here – just follow the recipe.

  1. Dismantling Old Windows: Much like clearing your kitchen before you start cooking, this involves removing old fixtures while preserving elements that are still functional (like frames).
  2. Preliminary Adjustments: Like prepping ingredients before starting with actual cooking, any necessary adjustments are made at this stage so everything fits well together later on.
  3. New Window Fitting: This is akin to adding all ingredients into one pot – fitting the new window into its designated place securely.

Maintenance After Installation

You’ve got your shiny new windows installed. But remember maintenance? That’s similar to cleaning up after your cooking. It’s important to keep them clean and check for any issues regularly.

Simonton offers a detailed care and maintenance guide. This helps you ensure the longevity of your windows, maintaining their performance and appearance over time.

Pricing of Simonton Windows

When it comes to purchasing new windows, price is a big deal. It’s like buying a car; you want the best value for your money without sacrificing quality or performance. That’s where Simonton windows come into play.

Simonton, known for their top-notch products and customer service, offers competitive pricing that varies based on factors such as window type, size, and materials used.

Factors Influencing Pricing

The final cost of Simonton windows isn’t just about the sticker price. You’ve got to factor in other elements too—kind of like when you’re shopping for that dream car and need to consider fuel efficiency or maintenance costs.

  • Type: From double-hung to casement styles, different window types have different prices due to their design complexity.
  • Size: Larger windows require more material which can bump up the cost somewhat – think SUV versus compact car.
  • Material: Vinyl frames are generally less expensive than wood but still provide excellent energy efficiency.

A Rough Price Guide

No two homes are alike—and neither are window needs. So while we can give some ballpark figures here—it’s always best to get an exact quote from your local dealer.

  • Vinyl double-hung replacement: $200-$400 per unit
  • Casement windows: $250-$500 per unit
  • Picture windows: $300-$600 per unit

Remember, these are just rough estimates. Installation costs can also affect the final price tag.

Making it More Affordable

You might be thinking, “Great, but that’s still a chunk of change.” But here’s the kicker—Simonton offers financing options to help make your window upgrade more affordable. Think of it like car payments for your house.

You might be surprised at how soon you could get new windows with their financing options. Check them out.

Customer Reviews and Feedback on Simonton Windows

When choosing windows for your home, it’s helpful to hear from those who’ve walked the path before. Customer reviews can give you a glimpse into what owning Simonton windows is really like.

Digging through customer feedback, we see that many homeowners are raving about their experiences with Simonton windows. They appreciate the company’s commitment to quality and value the longevity of these products.

A number of reviewers praise how well Simonton’s products withstand various weather conditions. One user from Florida mentioned her satisfaction with how effectively her windows resisted hurricane-force winds. These stories speak volumes about product durability – something every homeowner values when investing in new windows.

Friendly service seems another big hit among customers. Reviewers often commend staff professionalism during installation or while answering questions post-purchase. This speaks highly not just of their window quality but also customer support.

Criticisms From Customers

But let’s be real – no product is without its critics, including Simonton Windows. Some users report issues with condensation between panes or difficulties opening/closing them after some time. It underscores why regular maintenance and appropriate use are crucial for any window system’s lifespan.

The Takeaway From The Reviews

To summarize this wealth of information: most folks love their experience buying, installing, and using Simonton’s products; however, there were a few complaints too— mainly around occasional operational challenges as years pass by. Consumer Reports provides additional insights about various window brands, including Simonton. You can employ these appraisals to make a judicious selection.

Your windows should last years – and that’s exactly what many homeowners find with Simonton. However, remember to keep your expectations realistic and consider every review within the context of its own unique circumstances.

Comparing Simonton Windows with Other Brands

Let’s look at how Simonton windows compare to other industry leaders.


In the realm of vinyl windows, Pella offers a wide range like Simonton. But unlike Simonton that solely focuses on this material type, Pella also provides wood and fiberglass options. If you’re into diverse materials for aesthetic purposes, then Pella might catch your fancy. Yet in terms of warranty coverage, Simonton stands tall with its double-lifetime guarantee.


The battle between Andersen and Simonton gets interesting when energy efficiency comes into play. While both offer ENERGY STAR certified products, Andersen uses proprietary glass technology called SmartSun™ which can outshine some of the offerings from Simonton.

  • Fiberglass vs Vinyl: Anderson champions their Fibrex® composite frames while Simonton holds strong with premium vinyl ones.
  • Craftsmanship Quality: The quality craftsmanship provided by Andersen could be more appealing if you’re willing to spend a little extra for higher-end aesthetics. However, for homeowners seeking cost-effectiveness without compromising quality, Simonton shines through.
  • Affordability: When it comes to cost, Simonton often wins out with more budget-friendly options.


In the world of vinyl windows, Milgard is another tough competitor. They boast a wide range of style choices and their own SunCoat® Low-E glass for energy efficiency. But if warranty matters to you, Simonton’s double-lifetime guarantee easily beats Milgard’s lifetime coverage.

Wrapping it up, every brand brings something unique to the table with its own pros and cons. Your final pick hinges on which features you value the most.

FAQs in Relation to Simonton Windows

Is Simonton a good brand of windows?

Yes, Simonton is well-regarded for its high-quality, durable windows that come in a variety of styles and sizes.

Which window company is the best?

The “best” window company can vary based on individual needs. But companies like Pella, Andersen, and Simonton are often top-rated.

Do Simonton Windows have a lifetime warranty?

Absolutely. Most products from Simonton come with limited lifetime warranties covering both parts and labor.

Who owns Simonton Windows?

Ply Gem Residential Solutions currently owns the rights to manufacture and distribute all things under the name ‘Simonton’.


Simonton windows aren’t just a pretty face, they’re a home improvement investment. They offer an array of styles to suit your taste and boost curb appeal.

These windows use top-notch materials for durability and energy efficiency that’s hard to beat. From installation process to performance, you’ll see the difference in your comfort level – and utility bills!

The pricing? It offers value for money given their quality, but remember factors like size and style can affect the final cost.

Feedback from users paints a generally positive picture with room for some improvements – because no brand is perfect.

If you stack Simonton against other brands, they hold their own confidently. So if you’re thinking about upgrading your home’s windows…think Simonton!

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