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This shower from Bath Planet has the look of tile but without the expense and difficult maintenance. 

Tiled Shower Vs Bath Planet Acrylic Panels

Take a look at the two images below. One of them is a tiled shower with subway tiles. The other is a Bath Planet shower with seamless acrylic panels made to look like subway tile. Can you tell which is which? 


Bath Planet Vs A Tiled Shower

Tiled ShowerBath Planet Shower
2 weeks to install2 Days to install
Lots of colors and patterns to choose fromLots of colors and patterns to choose from
Custom sizingCustom sizing
Durable, though grout needs maintenanceDurable – lifetime warranty
High Materials costModerate Materials cost
Must be waterproofed separatelyDoes not need to be waterproofed separately
Expensive InstallationLess Expensive Install

Tiled Shower Installation Costs vs Bath Planet

Tile installation requires a significant amount of time, labor, and resources. Here is an all-inclusive outline of the total cost of tile installation;

Cost of Labor

Installing a tile size of approximately 12×12 to 24×24 up to 36” long on a clean floor with no requirement of demo or floor prep costs $7-$9 per square foot.

Cost of Tile

Tile can range in cost from $3 a square foot to $15 a square foot or more. On average I would budget $7 a square foot for your shower wall tile and $15 a square foot for your shower floor tile and accent tile.

It is important to choose a tile that is not only in your budget range but also one that doesn’t require much labor, as this would jack up the installation costs.

You should also consider:

  • Demo existing shower tile at $5 per sq ft
  • Floor leveler at $2 per sq ft
  • Waterproofing the shower at $4 per sq ft inclusive of both material and labor

Tile vs Bath Planet

In total a tiled shower can cost $15,000 to $20,000 when done by a professional contractor. It takes about two weeks to complete. 

A Bath Planet Shower costs between $7500 and $10,000 and can be completed in just two days. 

Why Bath Planet Tallahassee

When it comes to remodeling your shower we know there are lots of options out there to choose from. We want to help you find the best solution for your needs. Here are some reasons to choose us:

We’re Licensed Contractors

Many companies use handymen or inexperienced labor to install your shower. We are State Certified Residential Contractors (lic# CRC1331326)

We use Licensed Plumbers

We only use Licensed Plumbers to install your shower fixtures, tub or shower pan so you can be confident it was done right.

Complete Remodel – No Partial Updates

We completely remove your existing shower and replace it. We don’t cover up problems.

Custom Sizes 

Our panels and shower pans come in custom sizes so you are not limited in your design.

Fast – Update Your Shower in Just 2 Days

On day 1 we set up dust protection, demo your shower and have a plumber install the fixtures and tub/pan. On day two we install your new shower panels and clean up!

Dozens of Contemporary colors and styles

We have the best colors and patterns in the industry. Our design professional will help you pick the best options for your home.

Lifetime Warranty and The Good Housekeeping Seal

Our panels are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. The Good Housekeeping seal offers additional warranty benefits for two years.

What Are Your Options?

Bath Planet acrylic is a smart investment for homeowners planning a bathroom remodel.

Unlike most companies specializing in this industry, Bath Planet’s bathroom appliances all come in custom sizes and can adapt to any shower system or, better still, create new custom designs.

Bath Planet Acrylic bears the mark of the highly coveted Good Housekeeping Seal, a widely recognized consumer symbol in North America.

The seal confirms the versatility and authenticity of Bath Planet Acrylic products that continually undergo unlimited tests and evaluations to meet market demand better.


When you are ready to redesign your bathroom, be sure to keep it organized. It will make the remodeling process easier, helping you stay on schedule and within budget.

Here are a few more things to keep in mind;

  • Always mention the type of shower system that you are using
  • Have a clear definition of your needs and expectations
  • Ensure you get quality service at the best price possible

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