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Your Guide to the Top 50 Roofing Manufacturers in the US

Your Guide to the Top 50 Roofing Manufacturers in the US

Top 50 Roofing Manufacturers in the US is a crucial list for homeowners embarking on renovation or remodeling projects.

This guide serves as an invaluable resource, providing insights into industry leaders like Owens Corning and GAF, renowned for their high-quality asphalt shingles.

CertainTeed and Tecta America Corporation also feature prominently among these top manufacturers due to their diverse offerings and proven performance records.

Diving deeper into the Top 50 Roofing Manufacturers in the US reveals more than just brand names; it provides a comprehensive understanding of different roofing materials from metal roofs to wood shake shingles and flat roofs.

Unfolding the Landscape of the Roofing Industry in the US

The roofing industry is a significant component of the construction sector, housing both residential and commercial properties. Let’s spotlight key contributors such as Tecta America, Centimark Corp., Flynn Group, Baker Roofing Company, and Nations Roof.

“The diverse range of services provided by these top contractors demonstrates their adaptability to various customer needs.”

– Expert Insights from

Commercial vs Residential: The Two Pillars of Roofing Services

Two primary categories emerge when we talk about service offerings within the roofing industry – commercial and residential roofing services. Commercial roofs usually adopt a flat or low slope design with popular choices being modified bitumen or metal. On the contrary, residential roofs tend to have steeper slopes with asphalt shingles gaining popularity for their durability and cost-effectiveness.

  1. Tecta America – Specializes in commercial roofing solutions.
  2. Schreiber Corp. – Predominantly serves commercial clients.
  3. Kalkreuth Roofing and Sheet Metal – Offers comprehensive solutions for both sectors.

Growth Trajectory Within the Industry

In recent years, technological advancements coupled with increased consumer awareness around sustainability have ushered considerable changes within this sphere.

“Innovations like solar-integrated roof systems not only shield against weather elements but also contribute towards renewable energy generation.”

—Industry Trends Analysis

Leading companies including Tecta America, Centimark Corp., Flynn Group continue to reign due to their extensive product portfolio that caters across regions having varied climatic conditions. They are known for investing heavily into research & development efforts leading innovative high-performance materials offering superior durability along improved aesthetics.

When homeowners plan on getting new rooftops installed, they must carefully evaluate several factors before final

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Roofing Manufacturer

Selecting the right roofing manufacturer can make all the difference in your home renovation project. It’s not just about looks; it’s also essential to think about the resilience, upkeep demands, and ecological effects.

Importance of Material Choice

The material you choose is key to your roof’s lifespan and maintenance needs. For instance, Malarkey’s asphalt shingles are known for their resilience and low-maintenance properties compared to other materials like metal or wood.

Beyond longevity considerations, another vital factor is how well it complements your home’s overall design aesthetic. Asphalt shingle roofs from manufacturers such as GAF, Owens Corning, IKO, etc., offer a variety of style options that cater to diverse architectural tastes.

In fact, asphalt shingle roofs have become something of an American standard – they are now seen on most US homes due largely to their affordable cost range coupled with substantial product warranties offered by leading manufacturers like GAF and Owens Corning.

Environmental Impact

Your choice in roofing can significantly affect energy efficiency at home while also contributing to broader environmental concerns such as resource consumption and waste production.

Metal roofs stand out when considering these factors thanks to their superior insulating properties, which help reduce energy costs during both summer and winter seasons. Additionally, metal roofs are often constructed from recycled materials, making them an ecologically responsible selection in comparison to more prevalent asphalt shingles.

If you choose a metal roof over traditional asphalt shingles for better insulation or reduced ecological footprint reasons, there are several reputable manufacturers available, including Boral Steel, who produce high-quality steel products suitable for residential use, among others.

Top 50 Roofing Manufacturers in the US

As we move forward into our next section, “Top 50 Roofing Manufacturers in the US,” we will delve deeper into each company’s offerings so you can make informed decisions based on various

Top 50 Roofing Manufacturers in the US

The US roofing market is highly varied and ever-evolving. With an array of offerings that span from residential asphalt shingles to commercial metal roofs, these companies provide robust solutions tailored for every need.

Owens Corning

Innovation and quality are at the heart of Owens Corning’s operations. Known for its pioneering work in glass fiber technology, this company offers durable and energy-efficient asphalt shingles that have earned them a place among America’s biggest roofing companies.

GAF Materials Corporation

GAF Materials Corporation, another key player on our list, stands out with its extensive range of high-quality asphalt shingle products complemented by solid warranties. Their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction continues to cement their strong presence within this competitive industry.

Tecta America Corporation

A leader within the commercial sector, Tecta America Corporation has made a name for itself through its specialized repair services catering specifically towards property owners’ needs across the U.S., thereby securing an impressive annual revenue exceeding $950 million dollars annually.

Baker Roofing Company

Baker Roofing Company, a significant contributor within both residential and commercial markets, provides comprehensive services including replacement and maintenance programs. With an annual revenue of approximately $249.7 million dollars, this firm continues to demonstrate its commitment towards excellence within the field.

Nations Roof

Last but certainly not least on our list is Nations Roof. A service-oriented entity specializing in repair and maintenance for commercial buildings, they have managed to secure a total revenue of around $233.8 million dollars annually through consistent delivery of reliable and efficient services.

Moving beyond these industry leaders, we find numerous other players like Centimark Corp that achieved an impressive total revenue of about $783 million dollars and Flynn Group which raked in roughly $561

Different Types Of Roofs And Their Manufacturers

Selecting the suitable roof covering material can be a challenging job for property owners. However, understanding the different types of roofs and their manufacturers can simplify this process.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are gaining popularity in recent years due to their durability and long lifespan. These roofs have been known to last up to 50 years or more, making them an excellent choice for those seeking longevity.

“Two leading manufacturers in metal roofing are ATAS International and Englert. Both companies offer top-quality products that not only stand the test of time but also add aesthetic value.”

Slate Roofs

Slate is another highly durable material used in roofing with unmatched longevity requiring minimal maintenance. Slate roofs from trusted manufacturers like New England Slate guarantee high performance over extended periods.

“Slate’s natural beauty combined with its robustness makes it one of the most preferred choices among homeowners.”

Solar Roofs

In today’s world where green technologies are being prioritized, solar rooftops make a great option. They provide efficient energy solutions while reducing dependence on conventional electricity sources.

The manufacturer Advanced Solar Roofing has made significant strides within this industry by providing reliable photovoltaic systems directly onto rooftop surfaces.

Wood Shake Shingles

If you’re looking for rustic charm coupled with an extensive lifespan, wood shake shingles might just be what you need. With proper care and regular maintenance, these versatile materials crafted from split logs could potentially last between 50-80 years.

Flat Roof Systems

A flat roof system offers alternative treatments such as EPDM, PVC, or TPO membranes which require professional installation yet promise good returns over time given appropriate upkeep. Flat roofs, though unique in appearance,

FAQs in Relation to Top 50 Roofing Manufacturers in the Us

Who is the best roofing company in the United States?

The “best” varies by individual needs, but Owens Corning and GAF are widely recognized for their quality products and extensive range of services.

How many roofing companies are in the US?

There are over 100,000 roofing businesses operating across various states in the U.S., according to IBISWorld data.

How many roofing companies are in North America?

Including Canada and Mexico along with the U.S., there is an estimated total of over 120,000 active roofing businesses within North America.


Undertaking a house remodel job is no minor task, particularly when it comes to picking the ideal roofing company. The US boasts an array of top-quality manufacturers, each offering unique advantages and specialized materials. Owens Corning stands out for its innovative glass fiber technology while GAF offers robust warranties across their range of asphalt shingle products. Tecta America Corporation shines as the largest commercial roofer in the country.

And let’s not forget Baker Roofing Company and Nations Roof with their comprehensive residential and commercial services respectively. Metal roofs from ATAS International & Englert or slate roofs from New England Slate & Buckingham Slate are other great options to consider if you’re after durability or minimal maintenance needs. Solar Roofs too have been gaining popularity lately due to increasing focus on green technologies – Advanced Green Technologies being a key player here.

The choice ultimately boils down to your specific requirements – be it longevity, environmental impact, or aesthetics.

Ready for more insights? is committed to simplifying your home renovation journey by providing localized cost guides that will help you make informed decisions about everything from material choices to contractor selection.

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