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Exploring the Top 50 Solar Contractors in the US

When it comes to harnessing the power of the sun, the top 50 Solar Contractors in the US lead the way. These trailblazers are making significant strides in renewable energy solutions.

Their innovative practices and commitment to sustainability set them apart. They not only contribute to environmental preservation but also help homeowners save on their energy bills.

Selecting a solar contractor from among these top players can be challenging due to their diverse offerings and service quality. Hence, understanding what each brings to table is crucial for making an informed decision.

In this comprehensive review, we will delve deeper into who these top 50 Solar Contractors in the US are and what they offer. Stay tuned as we illuminate your path towards clean, renewable energy with our insights.

Unpacking the US Solar Industry

The US solar industry is expanding rapidly, due to new renewable energy technology and a heightened need for clean power. At the forefront of this progress are solar contractors.

Solar Contractors: Powering Progress

It’s difficult to overstate the importance of solar contractors. They play a crucial role in expanding our nation’s ability to harness sunlight as electricity, leading us towards a cleaner future.

Last year was a significant milestone, with these professionals installing record-breaking solar power capacity. Their expertise goes beyond technical knowledge; they also guide homeowners through various financing options to make residential installations possible.

Diverse Market Segments within the Solar Industry

Like any robust sector, the U.S. solar industry serves three primary segments: utility-scale projects, commercial enterprises, and residential homes. Each segment requires unique strategies for installation and maintenance.

Utility-Scale Installations:

This refers to large-scale initiatives typically undertaken by utilities or independent power producers (IPPs). These projects have significant potential for generating renewable energy at competitive prices, thanks to economies of scale.

A Green Shift in Commercial Spaces:

More businesses are embracing renewable solutions like solar panels, reducing operating costs while demonstrating their commitment to environmental sustainability.

Towards Residential Sustainability:

Homeowners who choose to adopt green living with residential solar panels contribute greatly to achieving nationwide sustainable living goals. Additionally, they enjoy long-term savings on household electricity bills. However, this process involves equipment selection and understanding finance models, which necessitates relying on expert guidance provided by skilled local contractors.

Now, let’s explore the factors homeowners should consider when selecting these essential partners.

Unearthing the Best: Criteria for Selecting a Top Solar Contractor

The selection of an ideal solar contractor can make or break your home renovation project. The impact of this decision stretches far beyond just customer service; it dictates the overall quality and success rate of your venture.

Why Installation Numbers Matter?

A noteworthy criterion to keep in mind while choosing a top-notch solar contractor is their installation numbers. This statistic serves as an insightful indicator of their proficiency and reliability within the industry. A high count suggests that they have successfully executed multiple projects, showcasing their competence.

The intricate process involved in installing solar panels demands meticulous planning and implementation; hence, contractors with extensive experience are more likely to deliver superior services. Moreover, these seasoned professionals often cater to vast service areas, ensuring homeowners across urban hubs or rural landscapes alike can avail themselves of their expertise.

Parsing Customer Reviews – An Essential Step

In addition to quantitative parameters like installation figures, qualitative aspects such as customer reviews play a crucial role when evaluating potential solar contractors. These firsthand experiences offer invaluable insights into how effectively a company manages its operations from inception through completion.

Firms boasting high ratings typically demonstrate unwavering commitment towards maintaining stellar standards throughout all stages – right from initial consultation up until final inspection post-installation. Yelp, among other similar platforms, provides comprehensive databases where homeowners can scrutinize feedback regarding various businesses’ performance levels.

“Remember. Customer satisfaction ratings are one of the most significant factors when picking out a contractor.”

Diving Deeper: Comprehensive List of Top 50 Solar Contractors in the US

Armed with our guide’s criteria, let us now explore’s carefully curated listicle featuring America’s top 50 U.S.-based solar contractors.

Comprehensive List of Top 50 Solar Contractors in the US

The landscape of solar power has evolved dramatically, with a surge in companies offering an array of services. This list shines light on the top-ranking contractors determined by kilowatts (DC) installed in 2023.

Sunrun Inc.

Emerging from San Francisco, California is Sunrun Inc., a leader within residential solar panel companies. With their robust net metering programs and battery storage solutions, customers can maximize their solar savings effectively. Employing over 4,000 dedicated individuals nationwide across various markets, they specialize primarily in comprehensive home solar installation encompassing design to maintenance.

Vivint Solar

Vivint Solar once stood as one of America’s premier full-service residential solar providers before merging with SunRun. Based out of Lehi, Utah, this company boasted an impressive workforce around 4k strong pre-merger and catered predominantly to residential markets while also dabbling into EPC contracting for commercial projects when necessary.

Tesla Energy Operations Inc

An epitome of innovation and sustainability – Tesla Energy Operations Inc stands tall among its peers. Located in Palo Alto, California, this global giant employs more than 48K people worldwide spanning several divisions, including energy operations. Their main market comprises both large-scale commercial entities seeking installations as well as individual homeowners eager to adopt green initiatives through rooftop panels or Powerwall battery systems for efficient energy storage system utilization.

In situations where two firms reported similar installation numbers, the total kilowatts installed throughout their operational timeline was considered for ranking them accordingly, which further substantiates these rankings. Thus, we have provided you a detailed rundown showcasing key players making significant strides within the U.S.-based renewable energy sector, particularly those heavily invested in photovoltaic technology deployment.

Services Offered by Top Solar Contractors

We don’t stop at merely listing names; understanding what these esteemed organizations offer becomes crucial too. From sales partner services to EPC contracting, development and construction/installation, etc., we aim to peel back layers revealing how exactly these firms function, whether it be utility

Services Offered by Top Solar Contractors

Leading US-based solar contractors offer a wide range of services, covering multiple markets including utility, commercial, residential and off-grid. Despite having a primary market and service focus, these top-notch companies have the capability to operate in diverse sectors.

Sales Partner Services

A crucial role performed by these preeminent solar contractors involves acting as sales partners. In this capacity, they join forces with manufacturers or other entities within the supply chain to promote the sale of products or services associated with solar energy systems.

“Being a sales partner implies comprehensive training on product features, installation procedures, and customer handling techniques.”

– A veteran Sales Partner at a top-ranking US Solar Contractor

This not only ensures an informed selling process but also instills trust between consumers and suppliers – vital for success in any business transaction.

EPC Contracting

Prominent among their offerings is EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) contracting. This involves managing every phase of a project from its design inception through the procurement of materials up until the completion of construction stages.

“An EPC contractor’s responsibility encompasses quality control throughout each phase while strictly adhering to timelines for completion within budget constraints.”

In essence, clients benefit from having a single point of contact overseeing all aspects, thereby reducing complexity arising from multiple stakeholders’ involvement.

Development & Construction/Installation Services

Besides being adept sales partners and efficient EPC contractors, many renowned US-based Solar Contractors specialize further in development activities. This includes identifying suitable sites for installations, securing necessary permits, and designing systems based on specific requirements. Their expertise doesn’t stop there though – they also continue onto the construction/installation phases. Such companies can either handle entire projects themselves or subcontract certain parts out depending on client needs, functioning as both the main contractor and the installation/electrical subcontractor if required.

Solar power system installations, whether ground-mounted arrays or rooftop panels, require precise planning

FAQs in Relation to Top 50 Solar Contractor in the Us

Who is the largest solar provider in the US?

Sunrun Inc. holds the title as the largest residential solar provider in America, with a significant presence across numerous states.

How many solar contractors are there in the US?

The exact number varies, but it is estimated that over 10,000 businesses operate as solar contractors within various market segments of the U.S. industry.

Who is the top-rated solar company?

American Solar Direct often ranks high for customer satisfaction and quality service among top-rated U.S. companies.

What is the best solar company in America?

This can vary based on specific needs, but SunPower consistently earns accolades for its efficient panels and comprehensive services nationwide.


Exploring the top 50 Solar Contractors in the US can be an enlightening journey.

You have learned about the vibrant and growing solar industry, its various market segments, and how contractors play a pivotal role.

We discussed what to look for when selecting a contractor – installation numbers and customer reviews are all key indicators of reliability and quality.

The comprehensive list provided valuable insights into each contractor’s services and their contribution to clean energy solutions.

Diving deep into their offerings revealed an array of services like sales partner roles, EPC contracting, development work, and construction/installation processes.

Now that you are equipped with this knowledge, it is time to take action. At, we simplify your home renovation projects by providing localized cost guides tailored just for you. Explore our resources today at, where we help homeowners make informed decisions on solar power installations while ensuring maximum savings on energy costs!

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